The Roots of Modern Anatolian Cuisine Demonstrated in London

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London Yunus Emre Institute conducted a very colorful activity to introduce the Turkish culinary culture, considered among the top 3 cuisines of the world with its abundance. Chef Kemal Demirasal, within the concept of the Institute's "A Pinch of Anatolia" project, organized an introductory event called "The Basis of Modern Anatolian Cuisine" hosted by Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School, being the keystone of French cuisine for 500 years.

Kemal Demirasal, being the guest of the “Guest Chef” program in cooperation with Le Cordon Bleu London and Yunus Emre Institute, took the participants on an exciting journey nourished by the basis of Anatolian cuisine.

The taste of Turkish cuisine and the worldwide reputation of Anatolian cuisine were the common ground of many people who attended the event called "The Basis of Modern Anatolian Cuisine" held on December 8, 2021.

Chef Demirasal referred to the adventure of Anatolian cuisine, one of Turkey's greatest cultural values, with its countless tastes consisting of centuries-old historical syntheses.


Chef Demirasal, providing valuable information from the traditional ingredients of Anatolian cuisine to the unique food culture of Anatolia, to the gourmets gathered in the hall, said that he chose two of the most special dishes for the event. The chef started preparing the menu with lamb in tandoori by sharing the secrets of how to transform a traditional meal into an awesome taste through small touches. Demirasal, stating that lamb tandoori has a special place in his repertoire since it is the traditional dish of the feast tables in Turkey, and that is why he included it in the menu, started preparing baklava while the smell of lamb in tandoori lingers between the audience, being the other special taste in the menu. Chef Demirasal, known for creating incredible differences in thousands of years old traditional tastes with small modern touches, both left his mark on the night and an unforgettable taste on the palates with baklava filled with peanut cream and consisting of 7 layers of phyllo on each layer.

Chef Demirasal successfully completed the preparation process of these meticulous and detailed dishes in two activity hours with his profound experience, very difficult as anyone witnessing the meal preparation process in Turkish cuisine once knows. Demirasal, with his practicality, knowledge and expertise for years, provided information about historical tastes to the guests and talked to them about the tricks of cooking delicious food, while preparing the classic and modern tastes of Anatolia for his guests in a short time.

The event ended up with an enjoyable question-and-answer session about food with Chef Demirasal.


Kemal Demirasal is a world famous, award-winning and self-taught chef known for creating menu transforming Anatolian cuisine into a modern and extraordinary dining experience. Chef Demirasal founded and became the chef of the restaurants among the best restaurants in the world such as YEK, Alancha, Foxy Potato and Barbun in London, Alaçatı and Istanbul, each of which is followed with great interest by gastronomy experts and taste hunters and attracted great interest from its guests.

Demirasal, whose reputation exceeds the borders of Turkey, has also been a guest in many well-known programs such as BBC's 'The Travel Show' with Kate Hardie-Buckley, BBC's 'From Venice to Istanbul' with Rick Stein and 'The Apprentice' on TRT.


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