"Rose" in Turkish Art


An exhibition entitled "Rose in Turkish Art" has been unveiled in Budapest, the capital of Hungary.

With Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sacit Açıkgözoğlu as its art director, the exhibition was launched at the Art Gallery of Yunus Emre Institute's Budapest Branch, showcasing the works of gilding, paper crafting, calligraphy, glazed tiles, marbling and other traditional Turkish arts, which are themed around the rose as a symbolic flower.

The works by İrem Ceran, Rabia Sözer, Songül Ergün and Elif Yurdakul were displayed at the exhibition, jointly organized by Yunus Emre Institute's Budapest Branch and Gül Baba Foundation.

The artists also held workshops during the event, making it possible for the participants to learn about Turkish traditional arts and crafts more closely.

The exhibition, featuring works by some 30 artists, will be open to visitors until November 8.