"Songs of Fraternity" from Young Palestinians

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

The young Palestinians who have received musical training at the refugee camps have given a concert in Istanbul.

During the concert hosted by Zeytinburnu Municipality at Zeytinburnu Culture Center with support from Yunus Emre Institute, the young people took the stage with a special repertoire of Arabic and Turkish songs. 

Lebanese and Turkish musicians accompanied the young Palestinians who received musical training at the refugee camps in Palestine and Lebanon with support from Al-Kamandjati Association.

The concert took for about one hour and 11 songs including "Nessema Aleyne'l Hava," "Mavtini," "Elf Leyle ve Leyle" and "Lamma Bada" from veteran singers of Arabic music such as Umm Kulthum, Fairuz and Abdulhalim Hafiz as well as "Çeçen Kızı" from Tamburi Cemil Bey and Palestinian folk songs were performed.

During the concert in which 9 solo singers from Al-Kamandjati Association took the stage, Muhammed Ali Abu Salih was accompanied by Serkan Çekim, Ercan Poyraz, Semih Özdemir, Hüseyin Okan and İlker Mehmet Er from Turkey with their instruments.

The young Palestinians will give their second concert in Samsun, and they are planning to take the stage in Palestine, France and Spain.

Ramzi Aburedwan and Al-Kamandjati Association

Ramzi Aburedwan, known for an iconic photo of the First Intifada, was born in 1979 in Bethlehem, Palestine. Aburedwan's life changed when he was introduced to the violin in the mid-1990s. During his musical education in France, he founded Al-Kamandjati Association to help the children like him. Al-Kamandjati Association, established in 2002, has many branches at the refugee camps in Palestine, helping children living these camps receive musical training.

Ramzi Aburedwan and Al-Kamandjati Association received many international prizes for their activities including Prince Claus Culture and Development Award, Takreem Award for Cultural Excellence in Arab World, Stars Foundation Impact Award, and Gandhi Foundation International Peace Award.