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South Korean Youth Learn Turkish


The Turkish language courses which are popular among diverse age groups and occupations in South Korea have brought together the young people who take interest in Turkey from thousands of miles away. Having started to learn Turkish at Yunus Emre Institute's Seoul Branch, the young people found an opportunity to meet Turkish culture.  
Baek In Tae, a trainee at these courses, noted that he decided to learn Turkish because his interest in Turkey, adding that he developed this interest thanks to the Turkish soccer clubs which he saw during the European League matches.  
The Turkish course is given on Monday, Tuesday and Friday for three months and designed to ensure that trainees are able to express themselves in Turkey by the end of the first month. Apart from this goal, the Institute is planning to diversify the courses so that they appeal to different levels.
In addition to Turkish language courses, the Institute organizes various activities to promote Turkey's cultural heritage. In this context, the Institute will represent Turkey at the 8th Global Harmony Festival, held by Seongnam Municipality on Monday, May 19. 
The Children's Festival, which brings traditional street games to the children of the world, and the 2nd Turkish Film Week, curated with support from the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism General Directorate of Cinema, are among the events which will be held in South Korea throughout the year.