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Special Concert to the ‘’Yunus Said a Word’’ Album

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

‘’Yunus Emre said a word’’ album, which includes compositions to the poems of the Sufi and folk poet Yunus Emre, was introduced with a concert given at the Presidential Symphony Orchestra (CSO) Ada Campus. 

At the concert organized by Yunus Emre Institute on March 22, 2022, works composed by Nogai origin composer and interpreter Arslanbek Sultanbekov from Yunus Emre poems were presented to the audience. 

The concert organized for the promotion of the album, including these works, and was produced by Yunus Emre Institute, was attended by Serdar Çam, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, YEI President Prof. Şeref Ateş, and many listeners. 

Making the opening speech, Çam stated that in the 700th commemoration year of Yunus Emre’s death, they are working on spreading the messages of Anatolian people to the whole world and that their goal is to reflect the civilization wind coming from Anatolia in the best possible way.

Making statements before the concert started, Ateş reminded that 2021 was celebrated as ‘’Year of Yunus Emre and Turkish’’ with various events. 

Ateş emphasized that this first concert promotion for his album, which Sultanbekov created by working for six months, is the product of a detailed study and said, ‘’Both in terms of music and compositions, it concerns both Turkey and Turkish world. As YEI, carrying Yunus Emre’s message of peace to the whole world, we establish the connection between Turkey and the world with Yunus Emre’s thoughts and opinions.’’


The album consists of 5 tracks composed by Sultanbekov, a composer and interpreter who is very well known in the Turkish world and takes its name from a famous poem by Yunus Emre.

Characteristic instruments of the Turkish world, such as kopuz, hair kopuz, mouth harp, dombra, three-stringed cura, dutar, copo coor were used for the first time in the compositions of Yunus Emre’s poems. 

The works on the album ‘’Yunus Emre Said a Word’’, will also be available on digital music sharing platforms.