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Special Programs for Ramadan on the Voice of Turkish Radio

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

The Voice of Turkish Radio, which is a guest of houses with its special programs during Ramadan every year, carries the spirit of Ramadan to the hearts with its special programs this year as well. The Radio, which meets the listeners with four special programs for Ramadan every day, continues to keep the values, beauty, and enthusiasm of Ramadan alive. 

The Voice of Turkish Radio organizes four special programs for Ramadan. It makes the listeners feel the warmth of Ramadan. With the program called ‘’Ramadan Civilization’’, the place of Ramadan in the world of belief and culture is explained.  

In the ‘Ne Var Ne Yok’’ program, conversations are held about topics such as preparations for iftar in Ramadan and food culture. 

In the program called ‘’Ramadan Square’’, the traditions of ortaoyun (light comedy in the Ottoman era) and meddaklık (eulogy show in Ottoman culture and entertainment life) are transferred to the present day.

In the program called ‘’Ramadan Diary’’, which is broadcast at different times of the day, the beauties of the spirit of Ramadan are shared by summarizing in one sentence the beauties of the month of Ramadan. 

RAMADAN CIVILIZATION: The program underlines that Ramadan is not just about going hungry. In the program, it is explained the differences that the month of Ramadan creates in our beliefs and culture, how it turns into a month in which we renew our faith by fueling from the right sources (Quran and Sunnah).

The program reflects the spirit of the month of Ramadan to the audience every day during Ramadan, at 19.00 before iftar and 3.30 at sahur.

NE VAR NE YOK (HOW IT’S GOING): It is presented as a program that describes how the month of Ramadan intertwines with our conversations, preparations before iftar, our food culture, and what we fit into the period up to sahur time after iftar. 

The program is broadcast every day during Ramadan at 14.00 and 02.00 at sahur time. 

RAMADAN SQUARE: In the program, a kind of modern version of the arts such as ‘’ortaoyunu’’ and ‘’meddah’’ that exist in Turkish culture is performed.

The program is broadcast every day during Ramadan at 11.30 pm and before iftar at 6.30 pm.

RAMADAN DIARY The program describes the month of Ramadan in one sentence every day during Ramadan.  Ramadan is the beginning... It is the beginning that we are looking for in order to have the ability to use fasting as a shield and be strong to have all the equipment to resist evil.

The program meets the listeners every three hours, eight times a day, every day during Ramadan.