TABİP Delegation in Africa


Meetings were held with universities and embassies in Rwanda and Uganda between June 15 and 23 to promote cooperation under the Academic and Scientific Cooperation Project of Turkey (TABİP), launched under the auspices of the Presidency of the Turkish Republic and conducted by Yunus Emre Institute.

As part of the meetings in Rwanda, visits were made, first, to Kigali Independent University (KIU) and, then, to the University of Rwanda and the Turkish Embassy in Kigali. During these talks, the TABİP was promoted and venues for potential cooperation were discussed. Both universities agreed to engage in cooperation in cultural, academic and scientific activities through Yunus Emre Institute and the TABİP project and implement exchange programs. The parties decided to ink a memorandum of understanding to determine the scope of the planned cooperation and call their respective boards for meeting at the soonest time possible.

The delegation, led by Yunus Emre Institute's Sub-Sahara Africa Advisor Macit Koç, paid a visit to Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Kigali Burcu Çevik to discuss opportunities for Yunus Emre Institute to open a cultural center in Kigali.

On June 19, the TABİP delegation held talks in Uganda, visiting Uganda Management Institute, Islamic University of Uganda and Equator University of Science and Technology (EQUSaT). The delegation was joined by Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Kampala Kerem Alp during its negotiations with Kyambogo University and Africa's world-class university, Makerere University, and held a meeting with a delegation from Uganda National Cultural Center at the office of Ambassador Alp.

During this meeting, agreement was reached on supporting the improvement of the curricula of universities, cooperating with universities for sharing data and academic publications, conducting joint academic, cultural and scientific projects and activities, lending support to universities for Turkish instruction, supporting Yunus Emre Institute's planned cultural center, allocating rooms at universities for Yunus Emre Institute and TABİP-related activities, providing career-based training support to university students, and lending support to the TABİP-linked activities and projects.

As a result of the visits, it was planned that a delegation from Uganda will pay visit to Turkey to undersign a memorandum of understanding.