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TABIP Lecture Series Starts it's Path with the Subject of “Science Diplomacy Talks”


Orginising within the scope of TABIP, under the auspices of Turkish Presidency and conducted by Yunus Emre Institute, TABIP Lecture Series, considering that the concept of “science diplomacy” is not widespread in Turkish academic environment, the first of lectures will be about “Science Diplomacy Talks” in Istanbul and Marmara University at the 14th and 15th of October.

Aiming to provide outstanding educational information for students and academics from the discipline of science diplomacy, TABIP Lecture Series will be taking in the most reputable universities of Turkey.

The moderator of the first day at Istanbul Universtiy Science Diplomacy Talks will be Prof. Dr. Aysegul Komsuoğlu Citipitioglu who is the current Dean of Istanbul University Political Sciences Faculty, will make the first day’s opening speeches and run the panel.

The moderator of the second day at Marmara Universtiy Science Diplomacy Talks will be Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kemal Bayram who is currently giving lectures at Marmara University Political Sciences Faculty, will make the first day’s opening speeches and run the panel.

Prof. Dr. Yusuf Baran who is the only Turkish member of the “World Academy of Sciences” and the Rector of Izmir Institute of Technology will mention “ Importance of Global Interaction vi Science and Technology”.

Assoc. Prof. Ozgun Erler Bayindir who is currently giving lectures in the Faculty of Political Sciences and the Department of Political Sciences and International Releations at Istanbul University, will be introducing the concept of “Science Diplomacy”.

Alongside with expert Turkish academics, there will be also two foreign academics who are expertised on “Science Diplomacy and Diplomacy Pratices”.

Dr. Olga Krasnyak from Underwood International College of Yonsei University (Seoul), one of the speakers whose research lies within “diplomatic studies with a focus on science diplomacy and its implementation into a state’s foreign policy agenda” will mention “Science Diplomacy Strategies with Case Studies” to illustrate each statement. She is also the author of “National Styles in Science, Diplomacy and Science Diplomacy”.

Dr. Jason Blackstock from University College London, who co-found the globally unique “Department of Science, Technology,Engineering and Public Policy (UCL STEaPP) and then led through the department through its “formative years as Head of Department(2013-2018). Dr. Blackstock has taught and led research and policy programmes at renowned universities and think tanks such as Harvard, Oxford the Centre for International Governance Innovation, and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis. He has also co-authored over 70 academic and policy publications and 10 patents. He will mention “Science Diplomacy and Future Worlds”.

For detailed information click the link! https://tabipacademy.com/events.