Talent Talks Program will be held at the Nation's Library

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

Talent Talks Program, the 6th episode of it organized by the Presidency's Human Resources Office, will be held at the Nation's Library on 12 November with the contributions of Yunus Emre Institute.

Pelin Çift will be the moderator of the "Talent Talks Program", being held on the occasion of "2021 Yunus Emre and Turkish Year". Historian Prof. İlber Ortaylı and composer Can Atilla will also attend the program as guests.

There will be live connection with 4 successful young people from 4 countries (South Korea, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland) interviewed and determined by Yunus Emre Cultural Centers for the program.

TRT and Anadolu Agency reporters are also invited to the program, there will be live connection to the last 15 minutes of the TRT 1 Prime News Program, and pre-broadcast interviews with the Presidents and guests on both Talent Talks Program and Yunus Emre and the Turkish Year are being planned.

The program will be broadcast live on Yunus Emre Institute's social media accounts. A certain number of guests will be able to participate in the program.

There will be Kahoot contest at which questions about the program are asked to some people and 10 people will be awarded at the end of the program. 10 winners will be awarded with "Yunus Emre Anthology" and "Risâletü'n-Nushiyye" by Yunus Emre Institute. Moreover, they will be given the right to participate in domestic activities determined by the Institute.