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"Tales and Music with Children" Program Organized in Sarajevo

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

As part of the Ramadan festivities in Kakanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yunus Emre Institute organized a "Tales and Music with Children" event.

The program, organized by Sarajevo Yunus Emre Institute to contribute to the personal, cultural, and social development of children, was held in collaboration with the Kakanj Sports and Cultural Centre. 

Primary school students of Kakanj Municipality attended the program. 

Students who participated in the "Tales and Music with Children" program held in partnership with Latif Moćević, the famous musician from Bosnia and Herzegovina, had a fun time dancing and singing to music.

Children were taught sign language and some Turkish words as part of a program in which Mocevic told children's tales and sang children's songs.

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