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“A Taste of Turkish” Training for EU Employees

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

Yunus Emre Institute (YEI) organized an introductory level Turkish training for employees working in European Union (EU) institutions.

12 people from EU institutions attended the training titled "A Taste of Turkish”. After 32 hours of training, participants were presented with certificates.

At the ceremony held at the Permanent Representation of Turkey to the EU on 8 March 2022, the certificates were presented by Turkey's Permanent Representative to the EU, Ambassador Mehmet Kemal Bozay.

In his speech, Bozay remarked that the training, which was held for the first time, was quite successful. Stating that all participants successfully completed the course, Bozay said: "We have a saying in Turkish: One language makes one person, two languages make two people. By participating in our training, you are contributing to yourself and opening the door to new opportunities.”

Emphasizing that the project organized by Yunus Emre Institute is catered especially for EU institutions, Bozay asked the participants to recommend this training to their colleagues and acquaintances.

Bozay underscored that by participating, officials in diplomatic missions in Brussels will also have the chance to meet the Turkish language and culture, in addition to EU employees.


Brussels Yunus Emre Institute Director Rahmi Göktaş stated that they have been giving Turkish courses in Brussels for 10 years, and this year, they opened a course program titled "A Taste of Turkish" for EU institution employees.

Noting that they prepared this course to be on an introductory Turkish level, Göktaş said: “We have started this course to allow people to get to know and love the Turkish language, while also getting a glimpse of the Turkish culture. I believe all participants loved their first experience with Turkish and felt a sense of closeness to the Turkish culture. Participants attended the courses regularly, which went to show their interest.”

Göktaş stated that they plan to continue the program, which was organized for the first time, and said, "We will reopen new courses. We will be making announcements soon.” The program will be open to employees of Belgian institutions, mostly EU institutions.


Carla Lostrangio, one of the participants in the "A Taste of Turkish" program, said that she learned to introduce herself in Turkish and some basic phrases in Turkish.

"I attended the Turkish course here because it is a very interesting language and culture," said Lostrangio, an Italian citizen, and added that although she will not be using Turkish at the moment in her business life, she may need it in the future.

An employee the European Association of Mountainous Regions (Euromontana), Lostrangio stated that she has institutional cooperation with some Turkish partners, and that although she does not use Turkish directly in his work, knowledge of Turkish can be an advantage for her in situations such as international meetings.

French participant Lena Girard also stated that she wanted to learn Turkish not for business but for personal reasons, and that the person she wished to marry was Turkish.

Expressing that she plans to go to Turkey after the Covid-19 pandemic is over, Girard said that she works at FoodDrinkEurope, the union of European food and beverage manufacturers, and that she has business ties with some Turkish companies.

Girard reminded that there are Turkish people living all across European countries and stressed that many companies are active in Turkey, so learning Turkish may be an advantage to her career as well.

The two people who completed the course with the highest grades were awarded flight tickets to Turkey and accommodation arrangements.

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