Traditional Turkish Archery Certificate Ceremony Held in Kosovo

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Traditional Turkish Archery First Term Certificate Ceremony and Cup was organized with the collaboration of Yunus Emre Institute and Turkish Archery Foundation in Prizren, south-west Kosovo.

Yunus Emre Institute Vice-President Abdullah Kutalmış Yalçın, Kosovo Yunus Emre Institute Director Mehmet Ülker, Turkish Archery Foundation Sports Club President Mehmet Erdoğan, Turkish Archery Foundation Executive Board Member Muhammet Bakırcı, Kosovo Democratic Turkish Party (KDTP) Deputy Fidan Brina Jılta, Turkey's Consul General in Prizren Serdar Özaydın, athlete and TV actor İbrahim Balaban as well as the representatives of Turkish institutions and organizations in Kosovo, archery trainees, contestants and many sports lovers participated in the program.


In his speech after the qualification games, Consul General Özaydın mentioned that they gave importance to the traditional Turkish archery courses as a project that strengthens the common historical and cultural bonds with Kosovo and contributes to the convergence of the peoples.




Özaydın wished that the event would become a platform that brings the youth from all around the world in the future and said, "Within the scope of the project, I had the chance to observe the archery training activities both in Mamusha and Prizren, and I witnessed with pleasure that the trainees and trainers participated in training with love, commitment and promise and that a strong bond, arising out of sports' unifying and familiarizing influence, was formed."



Yunus Emre Institute Vice-President Yalçın emphasized that many nations throughout the history utilized archery both for hunting and as a sport of warfare and said, "I would like to mention our pleasure to see the great interest and excitement towards the courses opened in Pristina, Prizren, Mamusha and finally Peja."

Kosovo Democratic Turkish Party Deputy Jılta mentioned that the courses enable the youth to learn the sport of their ancestors and said, "I hope that our students will be successful in the future. I wish that these courses continue, because such great interest and the success of more than 100 students is very important for our society."




Turkish Archery Foundation Executive Board Member Bakırcı stated his belief that the youth engaged in sports would have a stronger and more successful future.


After the speeches, the students were presented their certificates and Ibrahim Balaban displayed an archery show.


More than 120 students earned the right for their certificates within the scope of the three-month long courses.

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