Turkey as Painted by Russian Painters


The exhibition entitled "Rus Ressamların Fırçasıyla Türkiye" (Turkey as Painted by Russian Painters) has been held in Moscow, the capital of Russia, as part of the 2019 Turkey-Russia Mutual Culture and Tourism Year.

The event, kicked off on Friday, June 14 at Yunus Emre Institute's Moscow Branch, presented the works of 15 famous painters who participated in the international project entitled "For the World Peace" to the taste of art lovers in the company of the traditional Russian music.

The exhibition contains works of famous artists such as Russia's award-winning painter Konstantin Aleksandrov and Professor of Fine Arts at Kosigin Russian State Institute Aleksey Sheboldayev as well as the Russian painters living in Turkey, namely Olga Kelesh, and Valeriya Sülü. Mustafa Çokbilir, who lives in Russia, is the only Turkish painter with works on display at the exhibition.

The exhibition is open to visitors at Yunus Emre Institute's Moscow Branch until June 20, 2019.