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Turkey on Stage in London Craft Week


Turkish handicrafts have been showcased in the 5th London Craft Week. The crafts of ceramic design, calligraphy, miniature, marbling, mosaic and gilding were brought to the taste of the attendants in 30 different workshops organized under the supervision of experienced and esteemed craft artists.

Calligrapher Gülnaz Mahboob, the student of calligrapher Hasan Çelebi, the great living master of calligraphy, provided information on the intricacies of this craft in the workshop allocated to the art while Gild Master Hanifi Dursun's student Gild Artist Nagihan Seymour, the Working Art Society laureate, presented examples of traditional and modern motifs. Veteran marbling artist Hayrettin Kozanoğlu shared with the art lovers the methods of painting on the water and transferring the painting to the paper.

The workshop, which also included ceramic artist Mustafa Caner Kurt, mosaic artist Mehmet Hakan Demirok and Miniature artist Fatoş Aslanoğlu, were held at Yunus Emre Institute's London Branch between May 8 and 12.

London Craft Week welcomes vivid workshops, world-class designs and famous artists every year, and this year, appealed to a large number of participants with a program focusing on imagination, creativity, passion and skill. 240 brands and galleries attended the festival which offered the opportunity to meet the masters and receiving training from them for those who seek to run their own business and improve their art or craft.