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Turkish Course for Intellectually Gifted Students in Azaz

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

Yunus Emre Institute (YEI) started a Turkish language course for intellectually gifted students in Azaz, a district north of Syria.

Little Tulips Turkish Reading Course is being organized for 35 students selected from among 10 thousand, in the Operation Euphrates Shield area.

At the course, which started about 2 weeks ago, intellectually gifted students aged 8-11 go through the learning phases and learn the colors, numbers and how to basically introduce themselves.it.


The opening ceremony of the course, held at the Yunus Emre Institute center in the district Azaz, was attended by Yunus Emre Institute President  Prof.  Şeref Ateş, Yunus Emre Institute Vice President Abdullah Kutalmış Yalçın, their delegation and notable names of the region.

In his speech at the opening ceremony,  Prof.  Ateş said that the education of these children with different characteristics will be attached great importance and their relations with Turkey will be strengthened.

Thanking everyone who supported Syrians’ education,  Prof.  Ateş underscored that the students are being supported both materially and in spirit.


Yunus Emre Institute Turkish Instructor Merve Aksoy stated: "As a result of the studies carried out by the Kilis and Azaz Guidance Research Centers affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, 35 intellectually gifted students selected from among 10 thousand children are being tutored by our institute, 3 days, 9 hours a week. The children are learning the Turkish language and culture at our center.”

Noting that they started the course a short time ago, Aksoy remarked that 10-year-old Esinat from Azaz, whom she described as a very gifted student, is learning quite quickly.


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