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Turkish Course Opened for Healthcare Professionals in Afghanistan

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

Yunus Emre Institute (YEI) Coordination Office in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, opened a Turkish course for healthcare professionals at Atatürk Children’s Hospital.

Kabul Yunus Emre Institute Deputy Coordinator Çağatay Sünerin, in his speech at the opening of the course, said that Turkish courses were started by Kabul Yunus Emre Institute for healthcare professionals at Atatürk Children’s Hospital.


Expressing that they opened the course upon an offer due to the hospital staffs’ interest in Turkish, Sünerin stated that the course will be given 5 days a week, one hour each day.

Sünerin also noted that as the Kabul Yunus Emre Institute, they have continued their activities on the campus of Kabul University, and Turkish courses will start there soon.


Conveying that there was a great interest in Turkish courses, Sünerin said, ‘’We will continue to organize Turkish courses in different Turkology departments in the coming periods.’’

Sünerin underlined that, on the other hand, as the Kabul Yunus Emre Institute, they provided books and materials support to the Turkology departments of the country’s universities of Cüzcan, Belh, and Tahar.

Atatürk Children’s Hospital Chief Physician Miraç Gül Adil emphasized that 16 people working at the hospital attended the Turkish course opened on March 22nd, 2002 and that they want all employees to learn Turkish in the future.

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