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Turkish Film Week in Sarajevo

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

Turkish Film Week was organized in collaboration with the Bosanska Krupa Municipal Community "Preporod" and Cultural Center within the scope of the Bosanska Krupa Municipal Days on September 14-15, 2021. Sarajevo Yunus Emre Institute (YEI) representatives held meetings about the film screenings with officials that worked at cultural center, library and Preporod in the Bosanska Krupa.

Within the scope of the Turkish Film Week in Bosanska Krupa, YEI representatives held meeting with Preporod president and vice president, cultural center director and city library manager. Sarajevo YEI Director Mehmet Akif Yaman informed the hosts about Yunus Emre Institute.


Institute Director Yaman stated the following during the event:

"Yunus Emre Institute started its activities in 2009 and now has more than 60 cultural centers abroad. Besides the Turkish language lectures organized at the cultural centers, YEI supports the Turkish language learning through Turkish Language and Literature Departments by establishing collaborations with educational institutions in different countries. Different activities are organized at the cultural centers to promote the Turkish culture and Turkish art. This year, we have organized a free Turkish film screening for the Turkish cinema and culture lovers in collaboration with Preporod in Bosanska Krupa and the cultural center in Bosanska Krupa. This is the beginning of our collaboration with local institutions. In the future, we hope to continue the activities we have previously planned."

The representatives of Preporod and cultural center in Bosanska Krupa have also mentioned their happiness in their collaboration with Sarajevo YEI.




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