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Turkish Lovers Gathered in Argentina

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

Yunus Emre Institute brought together Argentines who had taken Turkish lessons online before within the scope of the “Come and let us meet’’ event.

Referring to the first event of Yunus Emre Institute, Yunus Emre Institute Argentina Coordinator Aydın Bayat said, “I believe that our cultural center, which has just started its activities, will contribute to building friendship bridges between Argentina and Turkey and help us to get to know each other.’’

Noting the activities of Yunus Emre Institute in Argentina, Bayat said, “We are excited just like you that our center  will host courses and events on Turkish language, culture and art, as well as activities that bring the people of the two countries together on a common ground and make them friends.’’

Undersecretary of the Embassy, Adil Cüneyt Akbal also gave information about Turkey and Turkish history in his speech here.

After the speeches, the description video of Yunus Emre Institute was shown, and Turkish delicacies were served to the guests.


Paulo Schuk, who came from the province of Santa Fe, which is about 400 km from Buenos Aires, for the event, said, “I came here on a journey of about 7 hours. I started learning Turkish through online classes and am pleased to be invited here. I am very happy about the opening of Yunus Emre Institute.’’

Stating that she came from Santa Fe upon invitation, Gabriela Yanina said, “I am so happy; this is like a dream. I want to learn Turkish. Thank God there are online lessons, this gives an opportunity to those who live far away like us to learn Turkish. After watching Turkish TV series, I started learning Turkish.’’

Gabriela Montenegro thanked Turkey and Turkish Embassy in Buenos Aires and expressed his satisfaction with the online Turkish lessons held during the epidemic period.

Montenegro said, “I was very touched by the opening of Yunus Emre Institute here. This place gives the opportunity to learn not only the language but also the culture and the Turkish people. This helps both my contact with my Turkish wife and my career.’’

Zulema Montenegro also said that she was pleased about the opening of Yunus Emre Institute and that learning Turkish would strengthen her connection with her roots as she is of Syrian origin.



mutlu olduğunu ve Türkçe öğrenmenin Suriye kökenli olduğu için kökleriyle irtibatını kuvvetlendireceğini söyledi.


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