“Unknown Fallen” in Memory of Muslim Soldiers


"Unknown Fallen" by Luc Ferier has been promoted in London, the capital of England.

Writer Luc Ferier, the founder and chairman of "Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation," has been the guest of the 6th Meeting with Writers event organized by Yunus Emre Institute's London Branch.

Seeking to give a common humanity awareness based on universal values to the foundation which has been established to keep alive the memories of the Muslims who took part in the First World War, Luc Ferier gave an interview on his book "Unknown Fallen."

After providing brief information on the book, Ferier stressed the importance of universal values. He noted that his primary motive for discussing such a topic was to show how approximately 4 million Muslim soldiers and workers who took part in the First World War as part of the Entente Powers fought while sticking to their values. Writer Ferier further indicated that he also tried to contribute to the improvement of friendship among people with different languages and cultures by publishing such a book at a time when anti-Islamic sentiments are on the rise in Europe.

The book features the stories of Muslim and non-Muslim soldiers, accompanied by the pictures by the famous Swiss artist Eugène Burnand (1850 - 1921) and hundreds of photographs of Muslim soldiers.

The book, which also depicts the ethics of war according to Islam, is considered as an important example of the historical contribution by millions of Muslims in the war process.