Veteran Actress Meets Young Movie-Makers


On the third day of the Turkish Cinema Summer School, the participants have met Prof. Dr. Peyami Çelikcan, the Rector of İstanbul Şehir University and Lecturer at the Department of Cinema and TV.

Çelikcan gave a lecture entitled "Documentaries in Turkey" in which he explained that documentaries differ from other genres by projecting reality without relying on fiction and provide information the various types of documentaries, namely documentaries for purposes of education, news or propaganda.

Pointing out that documentaries are created by transferring the written documents on real events to a visual environment and using creative cinematographic techniques, Çelikcan gave examples from the documentaries shot in the 1920s.

In the second part of the lecture, Çelikcan talked about the first movies and documentaries inherited by the Republic of Turkey from the Ottoman Empire, providing information on the document on a visit by Sultan Mehmed V, and documentaries entitled "Leblebici Hor Hor" and "Türkiye’nin kalbi: Ankara". In addition to academic information, Çelikcan also provided information on the documentaries he shot before answering questions from students. The lecture ended with the screening of the sequences from the documentary entitled "Keçenin Teri."

Documentary production with Semra Güzel Korver

The Short Film and Documentary Workshop has been held as the second event of the day with the participation of Semra Güzel Korver, one of the producers and directors of TRT Belgesel. Korver, who had attended numerous seminars, symposiums and conferences on media, cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue in various cities across Europe, has shared her experiences in documentary production. Korver gave advice to young movie-makers and a workshop was held following the introduction by Korver.

During the interactive workshop which sought to ensure that the participants can create documents based on ordinary objects, the students asked themselves questions of Five Ws and One H, created a documentary story and shared it with each other.

Young movie-makers meet Hülya Koçyiğit

At the end of the day, Hülya Koçyiğit was hosted by the Turkish Cinema Summer School at an interview moderated by İstanbul Şehir University Rector Prof. Dr. Peyami Çelikcan.

The actress chatted with the young movie-makers, telling them about her experiences in the sector, the movies she had taken part and the experience she had acquired during her career as an actress.

Following the interview, Koçyiğit talked to Anatolia News Agency and stressed the importance of providing correct information on Turkish cinema, Turkish people and Turkish language to foreign students. The actress drew attention to the fact that a negative image of Turkey is frequently brought to agenda by foreign media outlets. "Upon visiting our country and becoming acquainted with us, the foreigners do not find the prejudices instilled in them. Rather, they find affectionate, peaceful, non-possessive and hospitable people. This means that such projects are extremely useful and should be performed in greater numbers," she said.

After the participants posed for a souvenir photo, the program ended with the outdoor screening of the movie "Adını Anmayacağım," where Koçyiğit co-starred with Cüneyt Arkın.