Voluntary Ambassadors en Route to Turkey


The successful young people who have learned to speak Turkish at Yunus Emre Institute's branches abroad have gathered together for the Turkish Summer School. 

The tenth instance of the Turkish Summer School that takes place annually with the participation of hundreds of students who are fans of the Turkish language has kicked off with the opening ceremony held at Radisson Blue Hotel.

At the program, attended by 100 students from 48 countries, Prof. Dr. Yavuz Kartallıoğlu, the Director of Turkish Teaching and Turkology at Yunus Emre Institute, delivered a keynote speech. Providing information on the content of the program, Kartallıoğlu indicated that the students will have a chance to know Turkey closely through cultural tours and events and they will act as cultural ambassadors upon returning to their respective countries.

During the opening ceremony, the participating students expressed their feelings about the Summer School. Fiona Thaçi from Kosovo said: "I am very happy to be here. I would see Turkey only on books and TV. I would dream of being in Turkey in my dreams.  Now, my dreams will come true. I would like to thank very much Yunus Emre Institute for this opportunity."

The participants from different countries took stage with their local attire and musical instruments, and they had fun to their heart's content.

During the 10th Turkish Summer School, held between July 8 and August 4, 2019 in Ankara, the participants will take Turkish language courses during the first half of the day and attend cultural and social events in Istanbul, Bursa, Bartın, Amasra and Bolu to be immersed in Turkish culture in the afternoon. They will attend various workshops on traditional Turkish archery, cooking, folk dances, elocution, etc. on a week day. After the closing ceremony when all summer school participants will come together in Istanbul, they will return to their respective countries as voluntary cultural ambassadors.