Will Liu: My first impressions about Turkey are very positive


Will Liu, China's most famous actor, singer, producer and TV host is in Turkey at the invitation of Yunus Emre Enstitüsü.

Will Liu, the protagonist of China's most watched television program "Where are you going Father?" visited Turkey at the invitation of Yunus Emre Enstitüsü. World famous actor and film-maker Will Liu said that he found Turkey very different from what was shown to them and that they got very positive impressions of Istanbul.

Famous actor and film producer Will Liu visited Turkey upon invitation of Yunus Emre Enstitüsü. Will Liu, who came to Turkey together with the observation team of "Where are you going Father?", the most popular reality show program in China he stars in produced by a team of 800 people, started his cultural and historical excursions to learn about Turkey, Turkish people and Turkish culture, in Istanbul.

Will Liu, who said that he liked the meatballs he tried on recommendation before starting his tour, first visited Blue Mosque and Sultanahmet Square. Will Liu visited Hagia Sophia as the second stop of his Istanbul tour with his family he travelled to Turkey with, as required by the format of TV show "Where are you going Father?", and toured Istiklal Avenue after visiting Saint Antoine Church.

Will Liu said that the Turkish cuisine is very different from Chinese cuisine and that he found the first dishes he tasted delicious. Stating that Istanbul he saw on television, was very different from Istanbul he visited, Will Liu spoke as follows: "I saw views from Turkey in James Bond and a few films made in Istanbul. After completing my tour in Turkey, I can speak more clearly but my first impressions are very positive. I believe that my experiences here, will attract a lot of attention in China. In my opinion, Turkey is a mystical country in China and I think by coming here, I have opened this door."

Will Liu who said that he visited Turkey by way of Yunus Emre Enstitüsü, added that he could make a film project, a music video or a tourism show in Turkey, and that his decision would form over time.


Will Liu, a well-known Chinese producer and actor, said he was going to visit a number of historical sites and tourist destinations in Turkey, and added that, "We aim to promote Turkey in China and we will produce projects here together with my team."

Will Liu, one of China's most renowned producers and actors, was interviewed by an AA reporter and explained his impressions on and projects in Turkey in Ankara, he, his wife and his team visited as part of cultural diplomacy activities by Yunus Emre Enstitüsü (YEE).

Chinese star to promote Turkey in his country

Will Liu, the leading actor of TV show "Where are you going Father?", that breaks rating records in China with 75 million viewers weekly, said, "I hope to investigate various areas of collaboration with Turkey in the field of cinema and art, and exchange information with Turkish officials and colleagues about our experiences in this area. We aim to promote Turkey in China and for this purpose, we will make projects here with my team.”

Liu, who was received by Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu yesterday, said that they discussed Turkey's goal of hosting 3 million Chinese tourists and the issue of Turkey's promotion in China with Minister Çavuşoğlu, and continued as follows: "Mr. Minister knows that we travel with a large team of cinema and television professionals. We discussed the activities to promote Turkey's treasures in China.”

Liu said that he visited Turkey for the first time and that his first stop was Ankara, and about filming his TV show in Turkey, he said, "I have not had the chance to visit different places in Turkey yet. So we will be able to figure out where to film the TV show after thorough investigation. But the whole world knows that Turkey offers wonderful landscapes and boasts splendid natural beauties.”

Stating that they will travel to the Mediterranean region after Ankara, Liu said that he and his wife adore the Mediterranean Sea and that they will celebrate their 10th  wedding anniversary in Turkey.

Liu continued as follows:

"I have seen Aegean and Mediterranean seas many times in films and television shows. It is a fascinating beauty. We will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary with my wife in Mediterranean and will take a lot of photos. I love the Mediterranean. My wife and I find  Mediterranean very romantic. The architecture and interior design of our house in China is in  'Mediterranean style'. We really want to see Mediterranean coasts in Turkey. "

Liu will visit the historical and tourist sites in Turkey between September 9th and 18th with a team including Chinese TV producer, film director, musician and businessmen, and meet with business and art circles in the scope of YEE's cultural diplomacy activities.