Winners of Impressions Contest Announced


The winners of Impression Contest organized by Yunus Emre Institue under the EU-TR Intercultural Dialogue Program have been announced.


The Impressions Contest  that serached the answer of “How do our new socially distant lives affect our intercultural interaction and dialogue?”  organized by Yunus Emre Institute under “EU-TR Intercultural Dialogue Program” has ended.

In the period of pandemic, we are trying new ways to get together, get to know each other, listen to each other, learn from each other and write new dialogue. In the contest for which we searched the answer to the question of how intercultural interaction and dialogue are affected in new social distant lives as a result of these tryings, photographs, illustration mystery or messages of slogans competed.

With this competition organized within the scope of the EU-TR Intercultural Dialogue Program, we aimed to establish a dialogue with each other during the pandemic period, to share our feelings and thoughts through photography, slogans, and illustrations, and to learn from each other in order to feel that we are together even when we are apart. Based on the idea that intercultural dialogue strengthens the interaction between societies and individuals, we wanted to draw attention to the fact that although we did not come together during the epidemic period, we came together around common concerns.
In this period, which took the dialogue to a different dimension, we invited you to express your impressions with photos and illustrations, which are the common language of all of us; We have compiled your slogans to be used to describe this period to future generations.

Nearly 50 participants from different provinces participated in the competition. We would like to thank all participants for sharing their experiences with us.

As a result of the evaluations made in three main categories:

In the slogan category, Necdet Doğan wins first prize, Hatice Avcı second prize and Kübranur Doğan third prize.





First Prize - Necdet Doğan - Ankara




Second Prize - Hatice Avcı - Eskişehir




Third Prize - Kübranur Doğan - Giresun

In the photography category, Bengisu Özkes wins first prize, Hikmet Mail Saraç second prize and Sena Özfiliz third prize:


First Prize – Bengisu Özkes - İstanbul

Second Prize – Hikmet Mail Saraç - Antakya

Third Prize - Sena Özfiliz - İstanbul

In the illustration category, Kübranur Doğan is awarded the first prize, Gülçe Öztürk second prize and Buğrahan Namdar third prize.

First Prize – Kübranur Doğan - Giresun

Second Prize – Gülçe Öztürk - Bolu

Third Prize– Buğrahan Namdar - Ankara

While the awards of the winners of the contest are on their way, we would like to thank all our participants once again.

Program Information:

The EU-Turkey Intercultural Dialogue Programme provides financial support to projects designed to bring different institutions with different cultural backgrounds together with an aim to enhance mutual understanding and co-operation. The Programme is co-financed by the European Union and Republic of Turkey under the financial cooperation for strengthening civil society. This phase of the Intercultural Dialogue programme has a total budget of €3 million, with nearly 70% of this funding being awarded to four grant projects.

During the implementation of this programme, a series of activities will also be carried out to help the Yunus Emre Institute develop further engagement and interaction with the Network of Cultural Institutes in EU (EUNIC) and support Turkey take its place in the European cultural map.

Yunus Emre Institute has been promoting Turkish culture in 48 countries with 58 cultural centres, with all its influences around the world and building new bridges through language, art and cultural exchange activities.

You may follow the myriad of activities of the Programme and funded projects from our website and social media accounts.