YEE organizes “Turkish Cinema Summer School” for the First Time!


The Yunus Emre Institute will organize a “Turkish Cinema Summer School” for the first time in cooperation with Istanbul City University. The program will be carried out within the framework of the “Turkish Summer School” programs conducted by the Institute since 2010.    

The program will be organized on 30 July-12 August and will be attended by 23 people from 20 countries. The participants will be composed of graduate,  master or doctoral students as well as employees of the film industry. They will have lectures by the important figures of the Turkish cinema and academicians on the history of the Turkish cinema, Turkish film screening and analysis, turning points in the Turkish cinema, Turkish literary adaptations for cinema, and other topics.    

With  a rich content which includes seminars, interviews, mini panels, field visits, meetings with film directors and city tours, the program will provide an opportunity for the participants to learn about and get an on-site knowledge of the development of the Turkish cinema, its present state, its international popularity and its productions.  

The participants will come from the USA, Britain, Azerbaijan, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Morocco,  France, South Africa, Croatia, Netherlands, Iran, Italy, Kosovo, Lebanon, Hungry, Egypt, Poland, Romania, Russia and Serbia. The program  will end at the same time as the Turkish Summer School.

Summer Schools Get Diversified

In a statement to the Anatolian Agency, YEE President  Prof. Dr. Şeref Ateş said that the summer school programs are organized  together with the universities in Turkey and that a different program has been added to the summer schools this year. Ateş gave the following information about the new program:    

“We will organize the “Turkish Cinema Summer School” in cooperation with both the Directorate General for Cinema of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Istanbul City University. The program will be attended by the students  or people from different countries who study in or have graduated from cinema departments. The one-month long program will include lectures on the Turkish cinema and its productions with special focus on Istanbul. There will be workshops, too. Our main objective here is to encourage the participants to make films in the future in connection with Turkey. At the end of this one-month program, they may also shoot short films  or documentaries about Turkey.

With this program, we aim to encourage foreign business circles and academicians engaged in the film industry to get an on-site knowledge about the Turkish cinema, to enhance interest in the Turkish cinema, to contribute to the development of relations between the Turkish film industry and foreign students and cinema circles, to diversify summer schools and enhance international cooperation together with universities.”