Yunus Emre Calligraphy Exhibition in Azaz

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

Hosted by Azaz Yunus Emre Institute, Yunus Emre Calligraphy Exhibition was opened on October 31, 2021.

With the declaration of 2021 as the Year of Yunus Emre by the Republic of Turkey's Presidency, the overarching messages of the great poet and Sufi Yunus Emre are continued to be presented all around the world through scientific and cultural events such as conferences, exhibitions, symposia, film screenings and concerts. With the Yunus Emre Calligraphy Exhibition, opened by Azaz Yunus Emre Institute for the purposes of understanding this great personality and presenting him as a common value of humanity, 53 works of 25 calligraphists living in Turkey and Syria were presented to art lovers.


Azaz Yunus Emre Institute Director Fikret Çıtak said the following in his opening speech:

"We are proud and happy to celebrate the 98th anniversary of the foundation of the Republic of Turkey in a blessed October, through Yunus Emre's understanding of compassion and with you valuable calligraphists and art lovers in Azaz. Your brothers and sisters, who have stood by you in pain and sorrow throughout the history, will not leave you alone in building happy tomorrows. Turkish language teaching as well as the organization of different culture and art activities in the safe zone are among the largest indicators of normalizing life. Calligraphy, the good tidings of being one, is our symbol of aesthetic perception on paper. We know that those who know the heart of Yunus will mark the history by writing fellowship on different mediums with their Yunusian pens. What will be remembered in the future will be the aesthetic products of the past and the Yunusian conversation under this roof."

The coordinator of the exhibition and calligraphist Abdurrahman Alabdi mentioned in his speech that the support of Azaz Yunus Emre to artists and art lovers through social and cultural activities was the biggest support that they could receive. Alabdi mentioned that they were greatly pleased to have sent the "salute of the forties" to Yunus centuries after in the Year of Yunus Emre as Syrian artists.

After the opening speeches, Fikret Çıtak presented gifts to the calligraphists, and Master Muhammed Celol wrote "Besmele-i Şerif" with diwani line as a start to the workshops. The opening ribbon of the exhibition was cut thereafter with the participation of all the calligraphists. 


Within the framework of the program, workshops were also organized besides the exhibition. While the exhibition and workshop, which were met with high interest, ongoing, it was also announced that a calligraphy course will be opened. Art lovers in Azaz can participate in the calligraphy course organized by Azaz YEI between January and June 2022.