Yunus Emre Institute Publishes Turkology Handbook


Yunus Emre Institute has published "Türkoloji El Kitabı" (Turkology Handbook), which will serve as a reference book for the Turkologists and Turkology students abroad.

As another contribution by Yunus Emre Institute made to Turkology studies in early 2020, Turkology Handbook is a guide also for Turkologists and students of Turkish teaching, Turkish language and literature, contemporary Turkish dialects and literature at home.

The first edition of the book was presented during the Turkology Winter School, organized for the first time to enhance the professional development of 28 university lecturers and doctoral students from Turkology departments abroad between January 27 and February 8, 2020.

Turkology Handbook contains 17 articles on many topics by Turkology academics, namely Prof. Dr. Gürer Gülsevin, Prof Dr. Ahmet Bican Ercilasun, Prof. Dr. Esma Şimşek, Prof. Dr. Fevzi Ersoy, Prof. Dr. İbrahim Şahin, Prof. Dr. Leyla Karahan, Prof. Dr. Leyla Subaşı Uzun, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Fatih Kirişçioğlu, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Fatih Köksal, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Argunşah, Prof. Dr. Naciye Yıldız, Prof. Dr. Nazım Hikmet Polat, Prof. Dr. Serkan Şen, Prof. Dr. Yaşar Aydemir, Prof. Dr. Yavuz Kartallıoğlu, Dr. Mustafa Tatçı and Dr. Gönül Erdem Nas. 

During the Turkology Winter School, the writers of the chapters will give lectures on "History of Turkish Language," "Old Turkish," "Khwarezm and Kipchak Turkish," "Old Anatolian Turkish," "Ottoman Turkish," "Written Turkish Languages," "Phonetic, Morphological and Syntactic Characteristics of Turkish," "Text Linguistics," "Classical Turkish Literature," "New Turkish Literature," "Folk Literature," "Epic Traditions in Turkic World," and "Literary Text Annotation and Sufi Folk Literature."

There are plans to include articles on Turkish history and Turkish teaching in the second edition of the book.