Yunus Emre Institute's Turkish trainees discuss Covid-19


Some 50 students who learn Turkish at Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centers in 14 countries have attended Yunus Emre Institute's International Speaking Club to discuss the social and economic changes that will occur after the Covid-19 outbreak in the world.

Noting that the Covid-19 outbreak and the ensuing quarantine have changed their lives, but at the same time, made them realize a number of opportunities, the students have indicated that the process has raised awareness of people in many areas and they believe that the post-COVID-19 process will not be the same.

Aishah Alkhatib, from Jordan, pointed out that she has discovered her previously unknown skills during the quarantine. Noting that she was unable to spare time for her hobbies due to her busy work schedule previously, Alkhatib stated that she has taken up the hobby of cooking and realized her skill in this area.

Cardiologist Angela Gurdo Di Castelmenardo, from Italy, indicated that before the outbreak, there was no obstacle between her and her patients and this enabled her to establish stronger emotional ties with them, but her communication with her patients decreased due to protective measures taken after the outbreak such as wearing masks or protective clothing, and she felt herself emotionally distanced from her patients.

Nataliia Lynnyk, from Ukraine, underlined that during the quarantine, their family ties have become stronger and their communication with family members, even those in remote places, has increased and they started to share more.

Seventeen-year-old Betül Abbasi, from Jordan, said that during the quarantine, people have found opportunities to improve themselves and many people started to learn new languages and therefore, the intellectual capacity of humanity will be enhanced.

Economist Stephano Siviero, from Italy, maintained that after the outbreak, Italy's production will increase, but it will take some time.

Aysel Saganai, from Romania, noted that during the quarantine, Turkey has sent aid to her country and she sees it as a very important event.

Sogand Jalouli, from Iran, drew attention to the fact that the quarantine has affected the lives of animals as well and people's attitudes toward animals should change both during and after the quarantine.

The students have exchanged their views on what the post-COVID-19 world will be like and expressed their satisfaction for the organization of the event.

The event, aired live from social media, has been followed by hundreds of people from many countries.