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"Yunus Emre: the Voice of Love" Poetry Recitation in Bucharest

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Yunus Emre Institute (YEI) organized a commemoration in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, since 2021 was declared the Year of Yunus Emre and Turkish Language due to the 700th death anniversary of Yunus Emre, one of the most important personalities for Turkish language and culture.

The commemoration was organized by Bucharest YEI at the historical Manuk Inn, which is built in 1808 and hosted the Treaty of Bucharest signed between the Ottoman and Russian States in 1812.


The Republic of Turkey's Ambassador in Bucharest, embassy staff, guests from the Romanian state, provincial and district municipality officials, Romanian citizens, Turks and citizens of other countries living in Romania participated in the event that was organized at Manuk Inn. During the program, the poems of Yunus Emre that were translated into Romanian were read by the vocalists and stage actors Oana and Cezar Ghioca. The poem of Yunus Emre, Troubled Water Wheel, which was composed by adapting to Romanian by Daniel Mircea Pop, was performed. The audience gave a standing ovation for the artists' performance.


In her speech, Turkey's Ambassador in Bucharest Füsun Aramaz mentioned the depth and history of the sources that nurtured Yunus Emre.

Aramaz emphasized that many Sufis, many men of soul, from Ahmad Yasawi to Rumi to Yunus Emre, the master of soul, emerged from the Anatolian lands and argued that a unifying value such as Yunus Emre would be an inspiration for the whole world in which racism exists and those who are not in the same opinion are otherized.

Bucharest YEI Director Mustafa Yıldız mentioned that YEI was carrying out many events about Yunus Emre in many parts of the world and explained that they have brought together the poems of Yunus Emre that are translated into Romanian and the poem lovers. Yıldız said the following:

"In many parts of the world, Yunus Emre Institute carried out many activities about the Sufi Yunus Emre, for whom the belief of 'unification' lays in the foundation of his ideas. The works of Yunus Emre includes 'love' on ontological, epistemological and ethical issues, and while this love is within the creation of the humankind, it is also an infinite power that allows the humankind to reach to its essence, to the ultimate being. Metaphoric loves are tools that allow us to reach divine love. For this purpose, we brough together the friends of Yunus and the Yunus Emre poems that were translated into Romanian.

Yıldız mentioned that a Yunus Emre album would be released in Romanian very soon and said, "We are finalizing the poem composition works to raise and reach to the Yunus of our age, and we will soon begin recording in the studio."

Yıldız mentioned that Yunus emphasized in his Risâlet’ün Nushiyye (Book of Counsel) that the life was temporary and many people were deceived by the world and its boons and said the following about the album project:

"We wanted to leave a permanent work, an album behind in inspiration of the verse 'Do not be deceived by this mortal world's character / Many have been deceived by this world, just like you'." As we all know, music is the common language of humanity. We also appeal to the ears through this album that will be born of the common language union with the poems of Yunus that embrace all humanity."


During the program, December 5 World Turkish Coffee Day and December 15 World Tea Day were not forgotten either. After the poem recital and music concert, the guests were offered Turkish coffee and Turkish tea, which both have an especially important place in Turkish cuisine. During the offering of treats, the guests were informed about the Turkish coffee culture and Turkish tea that is offered in slim waisted tea glasses.


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