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Çocuklar İçin Türkçe 2 Course Book

Çocuklar İçin Türkçe 2 Course Book

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Çocuklar İçin Türkçe Set (ÇİT)

The Çocuklar İçin Türkçe (ÇİT) set, prepared by committee of Turkish language instructors and field experts working at the cultural centers run by Yunus Emre Institute, consists of textbooks, teacher's books, songs and listening records.

The books contain achievements for A1 level. The Çocuklar İçin Türkçe set is designed to teach Turkish language for the target audience of children aged 6-9. It is believed that the Çocuklar İçin Türkçe set is capable of meeting the needs of teachers and all children who seek to learn Turkish as a foreign language, particularly including Syrian kids who are under temporary protection in our country.

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E-mail  : kitapsatis@yee.org.tr