Resimlerle Kelime Öğreniyorum A1 Thematic Dictionary

Resimlerle Kelime Öğreniyorum A1 Thematic Dictionary

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Resimlerle Kelime Öğreniyorum Thematic Dictionary

The "Resimlerle Kelime Öğreniyorum" thematic dictionary has been prepared to address the needs both of Turkish learners and Turkish teachers. The book consists of more than 600 words with associated pictures in 24 different subjects, selected in compliance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). In order to accelerate the learning process and facilitate understanding, words are presented in a composition rather than as single images. For the words given on a page, different activities are given on the next page for reinforcement purposes.

The index provided in the last section of the dictionary gives the names of themes in which specific words are used and the page numbers as well as English, Russian and Arabic translations of the words.

Based on the book's contents, a Z-Kitap application has also been developed to provide audio, photo, video and various activities.


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