Applications to “Turkish Proficiency Test” Increased by 60 %


Yunus Emre Institute will apply the first Turkish Proficiency Test of 2018 on Saturday, January 13th. A total of 1262 applicants have applied for the test to be held simultaneously in 35 countries this year, and the number of applicants increased by 60 %.

The test is applied in accordance with proficiency definitions determined by the Common Framework for Teaching European Languages, to test language proficiency of individuals who learn Turkish as a foreign language and it also aims to support Turkey's policies of facilitating admission of foreign students.

"Turkish Proficiency Certificate" are granted to candidates who successfully pass the test, taken by individuals who require Turkish Proficiency Certificate to apply and enrol in Turkish universities, by teachers who aspire to teach Turkish in various institutions abroad, by individuals who want to work in Turkish companies or international companies in their respective countries or work as Turkish interpreters, and the certificates provide advantage to the candidates.

More interest in TPT Each Year

The test is a focus of interest for those who want to test their Turkish language proficiency, and the number of applications increases each year. At the end of the test taken by 5620 candidates since 2013, 3661 candidates have been qualified for Turkish Proficiency Certificate to date.

Mainly young people between ages 16-25 apply for the test. There has been a 60 % increase in number of applications compared to the previous year, and the number reached up to 1262.

Refugees also want to qualify for Turkish Proficiency Certificates

To be held simultaneously in 35 countries and 41 points, the highest number of applicants to the test were again from Baku. Ankara followed Baku with 352 candidates. The cities that followed Baku and Ankara with highest participation were Astana, Tehran, Cologne, Skopje, and Amman.

Next TPT on May 5th, 2018

The next TPT will be applied on May 5th, 2018 and new applications will be received as of March 19th, 2018. The last test of the year, applied periodically three times a year on dates and times determined by the Exam Centre, is planned to be held in July. The applications to the test are received one month ahead and results are announced in 20 days.

Please visit the website for detailed information.