Estonians Admired Marbling Art


Marbling artist Garip Ay's workshops in Tallinn, Viljandi and Tartu, who came to Estonia with contributions of Turkish Embassy in Tallinn and Yunus Emre Institute, attracted considerable interest. In the scope of the program that appealed to all age groups, four marbling workshops were organized. The artist who met with Estonians also introduced marbling art as the guest of the cultural show broadcast on Estonian State Television ETV.

Garip Ay who first came together with trainees at Tartu University Viljandi Culture Academy on Wednesday, December 13th, 2017 in Viljandi city of Estonia, held a two-hour marbling workshop. 25 students who attended the workshop learned marbling art techniques, and also got the chance to make their own marbling works. Viljandi Culture Academy Dean Prof. Iñaki Sandoval stated that this workshop was the first Turkish art workshop held at the Viljandi Culture Academy and that they would appreciate similar activities in the coming period.

On Thursday, December 14th, 2017, Turkish Culture Day was held at Tartu University with contributions of Turkish Embassy in Tallinn, Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Yunus Emre Institute. Garip Ay held a marbling workshop as part of the activities organized in Tartu University central building. Following the workshop, director Ferzan Özpetek's film "Istanbul Kırmızısı" was shown at Tartu University. The film was applauded by Estonian audience.

On the same day, Garip Ay met with art lovers in the most prestigious museum in Estonia, Estonian National Museum in an event that received broad participation. In Garip Ay's workshop, Van Gogh's famous painting "Starry Night" was reflected on water this time through marbling art.

On the last day of the program (December 15th), people from all age groups gathered for the marbling workshop held in Old Town in Tallinn city centre which is the capital of Estonia. Those who followed the workshop honoured also by Turkish Ambassador to Tallinn Hayriye Kumaşçıoğlu, admired the art of marbling.

In addition to marbling workshops he held, marbling artist Garip Ay was also the guest in TV show "Ringvaade" broadcast on Estonian State Television ETV. Introducing marbling art, Ay went beyond the traditional techniques in his performance and made a Christmas work.