The “Kadesh” Musical in France


The Yunus Emre Institute in Paris hosted the “Kadesh” musical which derives its name from the first peace treaty in the world. 

The Yunus Emre Institute continued its culture-art tour in France, which it started in 2017 under the name of  “Colors of Anatolia”. The show was presented to the taste of Parisian art lovers on 21 June in the historical “Marie Bell” theatre hall in the French capital.  

The dance show, inspired by the theme of the first peace treaty signed in the world between Egypt and the Hittites in the 1280’s BC, fascinated the audience for an hour with its war and peace figures as well as the rich colors, figures and musical feasts of Anatolia.        

Kadesh Treaty

The Kadesh Treaty is known as the peace treaty signed in the 1280’s BC between Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II and Hittite King Hattusili  III to end the Battle of Kadesh which culminated in the division of modern day Syrian territories. According to the historical sources, the Kadesh Treaty is also known as the first written peace treaty in the world.