Ramadan enthusiasm at Voice of Turkish Radio


The Voice of Turkish Radio (Türkçenin Sesi Radyosu), run by Yunus Emre Institute, is livening up the holy month of Ramadan. The Voice of Turkish Radio is bringing the very spirit of Ramadan to the hearts and souls of people with its programs specifically slated for Ramadan aired during the day, iftar (fast-breaking dinner) and suhoor (pre-dawn meal) times.

The Voice of Turkish Radio, established in 2015 by Yunus Emre Institute, continues to undertake activities to promote Turkish language, culture and literature for broader audience at full steam. The Voice of Turkish is coming to your home with the programs that will accompany you during Ramadan. With its programs garnered for Ramadan, the Voice of Turkish Radio seeks to make people feel the bliss of this month in their hearts and send a message of peace and love to the world as humanity is going to a difficult time. With its day, iftar and suhoor programs, the radio is bringing the diverse colors of Ramadan to its audience. The radio is airing the programs entitled "Ramadan Civilization," "Ramadan Dairy," "Ramadan Square," and "Word It" and "What's Going On" to delve into the deep-rooted heritage of language, culture and art of our civilization.

Ramadan Civilization (Ramazan Medeniyeti): between 20:00 and 03:00 every day during Ramadan

How about beating the heat under the shade of our civilization in the numbered days of Ramadan? "Ramadan Civilization" is bringing diverse facets of our civilization built by our tradition through a blend of our faith throughout centuries. Aired between 20:00 and 03:00 every day during Ramadan, the program discusses the cultural aspects of Ramadan and how they have evolved into a civilization.

Ramadan Square (Ramazan Meydanı): between 11:30 and 19:30 every day during Ramadan

"We begin our words with 'Truth, my friend, truth.' Our goal is to liven up our holy month. Let no one be hungry or homeless. Let us preserve our fraternity to avert dissension. Let our Ramadan be filled with blessing. Forgive our slips of tongue," is the trailer of "Ramadan Square," which showcases the tradition of meddah (traditional storytelling), ortaoyunu (traditional improvised theater). Aired between 11:30 and 19:30 every day during Ramadan, the program introduces the traditional joy of Ramadan to young generations and unites people from all age groups in this joy.

Word It (Söz Ola): at 15:15 on Wednesday, 13:00 on Saturday and 14:00 on Monday during Ramadan

"Word It" opens up a window of humor to life and gives you a recess amid the adversities of life. "There are words. Words are different. There is the smile. There is the laughter!" is the trailer of the program which brings to the joy of life to your home. "Word It" is aired at 15:15 on Wednesday, 13:00 on Saturday and 14:00 on Monday during Ramadan.

What's Going On (Ne Var Ne Yok): between 14:00 and 02:00 every day during Ramadan

Do you miss the conversations that start with a greeting and proceed with asking after you and build a bridge of affection? Then, "What's Going On" invites you to a frank conversation. The program establishes a sincere bond between the past and our time with memories of Ramadan, short stories of wisdom and anecdotes to warm you up. Aired between 14:00 and 02:00 every day during Ramadan, the program accompanies the audience during the day, iftar and suhoor.

Ramadan Diary (Ramazan Günlüğü)

"Ramadan Diary" centers on the best answers to the question "What is Ramadan?" Aired at various times during the day, the program features the aspects of Ramadan that make the world a better place such as love, peace and sharing.