"Songs from the Turkic World" Echo in Serbia

The 28th anniversary of the declaration of independence of Kazakhstan and the 10th anniversary of establishment of Yunus Emre Institute have been marked with the "Songs from the Turkic World" concert held jointly by the Institute and the International Organization of Turkic Culture (TÜRKSOY) in Kragujevac, Serbia.

The last concert in the Balkan tour of the "Songs from the Turkic World," organized by TÜRKSOY, which aims to promote the culture and art of Turkic peoples around the world through various events, has taken place in Gimnazya in Kragujevac.

During the concert, Kazakhstan's two major music ensembles, "Akjarma"  Folklore Music Ensemble and "Zhorga" Folk Dances Ensemble, Azerbaijan's Modern Music Ensemble, Kyrgyzstan's komuz player Aygerim Mukhtardinkızı, Turkey's Ankara Turkic World Music Ensemble of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and CopeArt Music Ensemble took stage, garnering a great deal of attention from Serbian music lovers.

The songs sung by musicians from the Turkic world, namely Siruz Mamadlı (Azerbaijan), Asanalı Kaşerov, Aygerim Kuljarasova (Kazakhstan) and Cansu Kırca (Turkey) as well as traditional folk dances of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Uighur Turks and Turkey, performed during the concert, gave the Serbian art lovers in Gimnazya a memorable night.

Serbian music fans had a chance to listen to Azerbaijan's "kamança,"Kazakhstan's "dombra," Kyrgyzstan's "komuz" and Turkey's "bağlama" on the same stage and they accompanied enthusiastically Balkan songs, "Ederlezi," "Caje Sukarije," and "Jovano Jovanke," sang by soloist Cansu Kırca.