Support for Turkish Teaching in Uzbekistan


Yunus Emre Institute continues to lend support to Turkish teaching initiatives all around the world. Yunus Emre Institute's Exam Center is holding the certificate exams for the Turkish language courses given by the Turkish Embassy in Tashkent at Samarkand State University, Tashkent Turkish School and Uzbekistan Armed Forces.

Certificate exams are held at the end of each level so that language levels of trainees who learn Turkish can be measured. The last certificate exam was held in Tashkent between October 5 and 6, 2019 with the participation of 115 trainees.

The Turkish language courses given by the teachers assigned by the Turkish Ministry of National Education are popular among the Uzbek youths and academics who seek to attend undergraduate or post-graduate studies in Turkey as well as Uzbek military officers who want to participate various training at the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) in Turkey.

The trainees who become successful at the exam held by the Exam Center will be entitled to receive Turkish proficiency certificates based on their levels.