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Training Seminar Program for Turkish Teachers in Constanta

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

“Training of Trainers Program’’ was organized to contribute to the professional development of teachers working in the Dobrudja region, hosted by Constanta Yunus Emre Institute. With the program carried out between June 2-5, 2022, was aimed to make up for the deficiencies of Turkish teachers and provide more qualified Turkish language teaching.

Opening speeches on the first day of the program were given by Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in Constanta, Yunus Emre Institute Vice President Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Naim Çiçekler, Chief Inspector of Turkish Language of Constanta Provincial Education İcbal Anefi, Yunus Emre Institute Education Department President Prof.  Dr. Yavuz Kartallıoğlu, and Constanta Yunus Emre Institute Coordinator Tuna Balkan. 


Noting that Constanta Yunus Emre Institute successfully carries out activities for culture-art and Turkish teaching and that they will always support them in these activities, Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in Constanta Emre Yurdakul emphasized the importance of teaching Turkish in this region. Yunus Emre Institute Vice President Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Naim Çiçekler expressed that they had been planning the training of trainers program in Constanta for a long time with Yunus Emre Institute Education Department President Prof. Dr. Yavuz Kartallıoğlu and he was pleased to be in Constanta today. İcbal Anefi, Constanta Provincial Education Chief Inspector of Turkish, stated that they were very pleased with the implementation of this program and that an application-oriented training program that can meet the needs of teachers is important. After Kartallıoğlu gave information about the institute’s materials and Turkish teaching methods, Danube Balkan also made statements about the history of Turkish teaching activities in the Dobrudja region. 

After the opening speeches, Turkish teaching materials prepared by the Institute were distributed to the participants. Interactive presentations with the participant of educators continued throughout the program. In the training program, which İcbal Anefi followed closely, practical information that trainers could turn the knowledge they gained in the seminar into practice was given. Field experts who made many presentations titled “Applications for the development of language skills, exam preparation techniques, drama and educational games, teaching Turkish to children, digital material development processes, applications to improve vocabulary, use of technology in Turkish teaching’’ touched on the problems of Turkish teaching in the region and suggestions for the solution of these problems.

After the closing speeches made by Prof. Dr. Kartallıoğlu, İcbal Anefi, and Tuna Balkan, participation certificates were given to the teachers participating in the program.   The program ended with a group photo shoot and best wishes.


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