Turkey Promoted in Serbia with its Diversity


The third destination of the Turkey Week event, themed as "Göbeklitepe: Humans and Life," was Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

The first of the events organized in the historical and prestigious venues in Belgrade was undertaken on Tuesday, October 8 at Kalemegdan Park, one of the city's historical and touristic sites. The photography exhibition entitled "Zero Point of History: Göbeklitepe" has been opened with the participation of Turkish First Lady Her Excellency Emine Erdoğan and Serbian First Lady Her Excellency Tamara Vučić. The historical voyage of Göbeklitepe from its discovery to our time has been presented to the taste of Serbian people with the works on display.

Following the exhibition, Göbeklitepe Excavation Committee Chairman Celal Uludağ gave a lecture for the students of the Department of Archaeology during the conference entitled "Zero Point of History: Göbeklitepe." In his lecture at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Belgrade, Uludağ gave theoretical information that can shed light on the history of humankind.

Anatolia's Patterns in Ceramics

Next day, Prof. Dr. Sıdıka Sibel and Dr. Cemalettin Sevim held a ceramics workshop with students and instructors from the Department of Ceramics at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Belgrade. After the participants were informed about the history, methods and intricacies of Turkish ceramic art, they designed their own ceramic works using Turkish patterns and motifs.

The "Anatolian Civilizations Ceramic Exhibition," inspired by the rich history of Anatolia and featuring the personal collection by the ceramic artists, was opened at Galerija SULUJ. The exhibition, which will be open to visitors until October 23, 2019, was followed by a panel discussion by the ceramic artists on the birth and adventure of the art of ceramics.

Unique Tastes from "Turkish Cuisine"

Later through the day, Turkish cuisine and gastronomy culture, enriched by geographical location and conditions of Anatolia, which has been home to many ancient civilizations, was promoted. Famous chef and cookbook writer Ali Açıkgül and chef İdris Güler held a culinary workshop with the students from the culinary school at Vidikovac-Metro Horeca Centar. At the workshop," chef Ali Açıkgül shared hünkarbeğendi and peynir helvası recipes with the participants including gastronomy writers and students with a hands-on approach.

GAP from Past to Present

As part of the "Turkey Week" festivities, Belgrade also hosted the "GAP from Past to Present with Photographs" exhibition, curated by the Southeastern Anatolia Region (GAP) Regional Development Administration on Thursday, October 10, in the Belgrade. This exhibition feature scenes of life in the Southeastern Anatolia Region will be open to visitors for two weeks at the National Gallery.

Anatolian Spirit

The Turkey Week festivities, held in Serbia, ended with the concert entitled "Anatolian Spirit" by cellist Uğur Işık, one of the masters of Turkish music. The musician was accompanied by Ferruh Avni Yarkın, Mustafa Doğan Dikmen and Umut Sel, as they performed the unique blending of Anatolian rich cultural heritage at the concept hall of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra.