Turkish Cultural Diary Promoted in Paris


The Turkish Cultural Diary, prepared by Yunus Emre Institute specifically for 2020 and themed with "Turkey red" and "Imperial Palace," has been promoted in Paris.

Designed as a small album showcasing the cultural heritage of Turkey by describing various matters on Turkish culture in Turkish and English, along with an explanation of the meanings of Turkish motifs and symbols, the diary was unveiled for art lovers in Paris with an exhibition themed as "Imperial Palace," in the evening of Thursday, March 5. During opening ceremony of the exhibition, which will run for one month at Anatolian Cultural Center in Paris, the attendants were gifted with diaries.

The covers of the diary employ leather binding and mıklep (extension to the cover), commonly used elements of the Ottoman binding, and its front cover contains the image of the Gate of Salutation (Babüsselam) of the Topkapı Palace as one of the symbolic landmarks, known to the public as the "gate of the state." The exhibition containing photographs of Topkapı Palace aroused great interest.

At the end of the program, the guests were treated with delicacies from Turkish cuisine.