An Anthology of Turkish Stories Translated into Persian Published in Iran

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16 trainees who receive Turkish lectures at Yunus Emre Institute in Tehran, the capital of Iran, translated 31 stories by 27 Turkish authors into Persian. 

The launch of the book, "This Is the Story - An Anthology of Contemporary Turkish Stories", prepared by Tehran Yunus Emre Institute and through its trainees' determination and efforts, was held at Tehran Poetry and Literature House on Monday, December 27, 2021. 

An Anthology of Contemporary Turkish Stories book includes 31 stories by famous Turkish authors and was launched with the ceremony organized at the poetry and literature house within the National Library of Tehran. 


The book, comprised of the stories translated into Persian by 16 Iranian trainees who are learning Turkish in Tehran Yunus Emre Institute, was published by Setak Publishing House in Tehran with the contributions of Yunus Emre Institute.

During his speech at the launch, Tehran YEI Director Abdullah Yegin emphasized the importance of such translation works that lead to better acquaintance of the peoples of the two countries and thanked the translators. In his speech, Tehran Poetry and Literature House and Setak Publishing House Director Mehdi Buşehriyan mentioned that translations from Turkish into Persian had a special place for them and that this work was the third work printed by the publishing house which was translated from Turkish into Persian.

Tehran Yunus Emre Institute Director Abdullah Yegin and publishing house officials presented gifts to the translators during the program.


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