Bosnia and Herzegovina Chooses Turkish


The "My Choice is Turkish" project, which has been implemented by Yunus Emre Institute in Bosnia and Herzegovina for many years, is supported by cultural and social events.

Contests in diverse subjects such as Turkish language, sports, painting, and writing are organized to motivate students and discover their potentials within the scope of the "My Choice is Turkish" project, which was launched by Yunus Emre Institute in the 2011-2012 academic year.

Competition with Turkish

The Turkish reading, writing and speaking skills of students are tested at the competitions held for primary and high schools. At the competitions held for primary schools, attended by 7th, 8th and 9th graders, the winners are given various gifts and the student who takes the first place is rewarded with a trip to Istanbul.

For the students who graduate high school after receiving Turkish courses for 8 years in primary and high schools, the IUS Pen Turkish Competition is organized in cooperation with the International University of Sarajevo. The winners of this competition are rewarded with sponsorship from the International University of Sarajevo.

Football and Volleyball Tournaments in their 5th Years

Football tournaments for boys and volleyball tournaments for girls are organized with the intention of contributing to the socialization of students and improving their motivation as part of the "My Choice is Turkish" project.

In the Yunus Emre Sport Tournament, which is the only tournament organized at the federation level in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the teams becoming successful at their municipalities are promoted to the canton finals. The winners of the canton finals are entitled to attend the Federation Finals. The teams winning the Federation Finals are given various gifts and the champions are awarded with a trip to Istanbul.  

Painting, Writing and Video Contents

The painting contests with themes of Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina are held for the 5th graders at the public schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina who learn Turkish or who intend to choose Turkish. About 300 pictures are sent to these contests every year.

A writing competition entitled "My Teacher I Cannot Forget" is organized for high school students in cooperation with the Education Department of the Turkish embassy in Sarajevo in connection with Teachers Day.

A video competition entitled "I Promote My City with Turkish" is held to contribute to cultural and social development of students who learn Turkish, ensure that they can practice their Turkish and support the promotion of their cities. Students describe historical and touristic sites of their cities in Turkish in their videos.

In the "Talent Competition," students exhibit their skills in signing Turkish or Bosnian songs, juggling a ball, playing a violin or accordion, etc., and they are given various gifts.

The high school students who learn Turkish have a chance to showcase their Turkish on the stage at the Drama Contest. The team winning the last competition was entitled to represent Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 14th International Drama Competition for High Schools, held in Kayseri, Turkey.