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Children were the Guests of "Come and Let’s Meet" Program in Beijing

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Beijing Yunus Emre Institute organized another one of its "Come and Let’s Meet - Let's Get to Know Turkey and Turkish Culture" programs on August 27, 2022. Nearly 30 children of primary school age from different schools in Beijing attended the program held at the Beijing Yunus Emre Institute. Parents of some students also took part in the program.

Chinese children, who were hosted at the Institute through the China Children's Culture and Art Foundation, were very pleased to learn about Turkey and Turkish culture. First of all, the children were given a presentation in Chinese, including short videos, showing the beauty and cultural richness of our country. Following the presentation, each child participating in the program asked various questions to Beijing Yunus Emre Institute Coordinator Tayfun Kalkan in order to get to know Turkey better. The guests learned with great excitement about some common points in the cultural treasures of the two countries.


After the presentation about Turkey, the youngsters were entertained with the Black Sea hora of Lena Ekizer, one of our citizens living in Beijing, and at the end of the program, "Beijing Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center and Young Diplomats Certificate" was presented as a souvenir of the day. In the program, which coincided with the last day of the Silk Road-themed painting exhibition held at the Beijing Yunus Emre Institute, the guests had the opportunity to visit the exhibition with the painter Ayşe Emel Gümüş, who has many works in the exhibition. Children showed the most interest in the joint work titled 'FRIENDSHIP' by Chinese master painter Zhang Desheng and Ayşe Emel Gümüş. The program also reached tens of thousands of people through a live broadcast on the internet.

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