The event "Come, Let Us Get Acquainted" held in Amman


Yunus Emre Institute has held the event "Come, Let Us Get Acquainted" in Amman.

Yunus Emre Institute's has brought together the cultural and artistic worlds of Turkey and the Middle Eastern countries in Amman, the capital of Jordan.

The event, themed after Yunus Emre’s famous call, “Come, Let’s Get Acquainted,” was held between November 24 and 27, 2018 with the participation of a number of academics, writers and Turkology students.

During the event, the cultural and artistic lives of Turkey and the Middle Eastern countries were discussed with a focus on living artists and the common values of the Turkish and Arab world were transferred to new generation of artists.

The event was attended by the poets and writers whose works were translated into Arabic such as Mehmet Atilla Maraş, Necip Tosun, Zeynep Satı Yalçın, Hasibe Çerko and Mehmet Aycı, and various conversations, book reading and autograph sessions were also held.

Princess of Jordan studies Turkish

Yunus Emre Institute's Amman Branch Director Cengiz Eroğlu made remarks about the event, indicating that despite the heightened interest in learning the Turkish language in Jordan, the number of the translations from the literature of the two countries remained low. He added that they organized the event with a view to promoting the cultural and artistic lives of the two countries through living people of letters.

Noting that Jordanians see Turkey as a dream country and are very eager to learn the Turkish language, Eroğlu pointed out that Princess Rahme Bint el-Hasan, the cousin of King Abdullah II of Jordan, was trying to improve her Turkish proficiency along with hundreds of students at the Turkish language courses given at the Institute. Eroğlu underlined that supports for translation of literature works should be increased, given the demands of Jordanians regarding Turkey, Turkish language and culture.

At the end of the three-day event, a visit was paid to Jordanian Writers Union on Tuesday, November 27.