From İstanbul to Buenos Aires: A Musical Celebration in Argentina

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Yunus Emre Institute continues to provide captivating music experiences to art enthusiasts by blending Turkish music with world music in a harmonious fusion through its diverse range of activities.

The Yunus Emre Institute in Buenos Aires hosted a program titled “From İstanbul to Buenos Aires: A Musical Celebration,” featuring a diverse repertoire of Turkish and Spanish works.

The concert, hosted by the Institute, commenced with opening remarks delivered by Aydın Bayat, Coordinator of the Yunus Emre Institute in Buenos Aires.

Captivating tones of Turkish music merged with Spanish melodies

Aydın Bayat, Coordinator of the Institute, remarked, “Welcome to our event, where we merge the captivating tones of Turkish music with Spanish melodies. This evening, through the universal language of music, we will share common emotions with songs performed in various languages on stage.”

Turkish guitarist and composer Kamil Erdem, Argentine bandoneonist Brian Caballero, vocalist Soledad Finoli, percussionist Juan Luduena, kanun artist Sami Sebastian, and oud artist Tarık Finoli took the stage at “From İstanbul to Buenos Aires: A Musical Celebration.” 

The concert, featuring distinguished works of Turkish and Spanish music, received high praise from the guests. The Turkish and Argentine artists received prolonged applause from the audience for their spectacular performances.

The program featured memorable Turkish pieces such as “Fikrimin İnce Gülü,” “Kapıldım Gidiyorum Bahtımın Rüzgârına,” “Karşıyaka’da İzmir’in Gülü,” and “Çeçen Kızı,” as well as distinguished Argentine pieces including “Naranjo en Flor,” “El Ultimo Cafe,” and “Volver.”

The concert also showcased special compositions by Turkish guitarist and composer Kamil Erdem, including “İstanbul” and “Tango Perla.”

Bringing different cultures together

In addition to promoting Turkish culture in the countries where it has representative offices, Yunus Emre Institute also fosters intercultural interaction by bridging the cultures of the host countries and Turkish culture.


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