Kadir Çöpdemir in Hungary


The Guest of Honor of the 2nd Turkish Film Week held in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, has been the Turkish actor, producer and programmer Kadir Çöpdemir.

As part of the Turkish Film Week, organized by Yunus Emre Institute in cooperation with the Directorate General of Cinema of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey and Sugár Mozi Movie Theater, Kadir Çöpdemir, the lead actor of the cartoon film "Kuklalı Köşk: Hırsız Var," came together with the audience on November 23, 2019.

Following the screening of the comedy for family and kids, which was one of the firsts of its kind in Turkey, directed and written by Mustafa Özçelik, Çöpdemir answered questions on cinema and acting from the audience. Çöpdemir noted that he was pleased to see the Hungarian people's interest in Turkish films. "I would like to come up with new projects for Hungarian moviegoers. It was impressive to observe that the children's films had been prepared professionally not only with subtitles, but also with simultaneous translation for the kids who cannot read. I was happy to see that Hungarian kids were in the majority and they laughed audibly and showed their reactions. It is important for the societies nurturing from the same culture that the Turkish-Hungarian co-productions are shot by the two sister countries together. To know each other in art is actually to build the future," he said.

The event in which films from different genres including history, drama, action, romantic and comedy will be screened for Hungarian moviegoers will end on November 27.