Marbling Introduced in Italy and the Vatican on the World Women’s Day

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The traditional Turkish art of "Marbling" was introduced to diplomatic representatives accredited to Italy and the Vatican at the event held on the occasion of World Women's Day.

At the event organized on 8 March Women's Day, hosted by the Rome Yunus Emre Institute (YEI) and in cooperation with the Turkish Embassies in Rome and the Vatican, the Turkish paper decoration art of marbling was introduced to foreign diplomats, especially female ambassadors serving in Italy and the Vatican. .

The History of Ebru Art Also Explained

At the event at the YEI center in Rome, a video giving information about the history and production of marbling art was shown, while YEI Rome Turkish Cultural Center Director Zafer Kıyıcı himself made a presentation in front of the guests and showed the intricacies of this traditional Turkish art.

Guests who carefully followed this live presentation were also given the opportunity to do marbling in the workshops held at the center.

It was observed that the guests showed great interest in "marbling" and were impressed with the results.

Welcomed with Red Roses

At the event, guests were served the leading flavors of Turkish cuisine.

In addition, all women who attended the event were given a red rose.

Participating in the marbling workshop, "It was a unique, incredible artistic experience. I felt like a real artist. This was truly a very unique experience. I would like to thank the hosts, especially Türkiye's Ambassador to the Vatican." Serbia's Ambassador to the Vatican, Prof. Sima Avramovic said in his statement.

"It was a wonderful experience. I was very pleased." The ambassador's wife, Boba Avramovic, said.

Gilliam Noemi Gomez Guifarro, Undersecretary of Honduras' Embassy in the Vatican used the following expressions: "The truth is that this was an art that I did not know before. I am passionately attached to Turkish culture. I also have a friend from your nation whom I love very much. Therefore, when I saw the invitation, this tradition called me. Here, the color is just You see that it is not just about drawing, and you have a full history and culture behind it. Once you get into it, it fascinates you."

"We came together to celebrate Women's Day and to introduce marbling, one of the rare examples of Turkish art." Türkiye's Vatican Ambassador Ulutaş, who, like his guests, did marbling for the first time said.

Ulutaş explained that with this event, in addition to a promotional activity for marbling, they also gave guests the opportunity to do marbling, and continued as follows:

"We gave the participants the opportunity to produce their own marbling works in the marbling workshop established at Yunus Emre Institute. Of course, the participants were very impressed by the colorful, relaxing and truly immersive features of marbling, which draws the mind to very different worlds, and they left satisfied. As I said, from now on, they will  remember this Women's Day is with marbling, one of the rare examples of Turkish art."

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