Reign of Selim III Discussed in London and Dublin


Dr. Hakan Erdem, a faculty member of the Department of History at Sabancı University, has given a lecture on the era of Ottoman Sultan Selim III in London, the capital of the United Kingdom and Dublin, the capital of Ireland.

The first lecture hosted at Yunus Emre Institute's London Branch on November 20, 2019 was received enthusiastically by history fans while the second lecture was organized at Trinity College Dublin in Dublin on Friday, November 22 with the attendance of academic audience.

Dr. Erdem explained that the Ottoman Empire had undergone profound changes during the reign of Selim III, which lasted between 1789 and 1807, and these successive changes were reflected on the government. During the 20-year period when Europe was being shaken with revolutions and wars, a group of people who gave advice to Selim III on establishing a new order had practically governed the Ottoman Empire.

Touching on the embassies opened in various European cities, including London, Madrid, Paris, Berlin and Vienna, as part of the reforms introduced by Selim III, Erdem gave information on the economic reforms implemented in this period.