“Samida” Wind Blows in Tbilisi

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The music group "Samida" took the stage in Tbilisi at the event organized by Tbilisi Yunus Emre Institute (YEI) dedicated to "8 March World Women's Day".

Tbilisi YEI Coordinator Can Güray, managers of Turkish and local institutions, diplomatic mission representatives and many music lovers attended the concert program held on March 6, 2024 at Tbilisi State University Concert Hall.

At Tbilisi State University Concert Hall

Music lovers showed great interest in the concert organized by Tbilisi YEE and with the contributions of Georgian Turkish Businessmen Association (GÜRTİAD), MÜSAİD Tbilisi Association, Vestel Georgia General Directorate and THY Georgia General Directorate.

In the concert event where common melodies accompanying the joys and sorrows of the Turkish and Georgian communities were performed; Yudum Şahin's Georgian folk instrument panduri, Damla Şahin's flute, navtronik and salamuri, and Tamara Şahin's violin performances provided the guests with an unforgettable musical feast.

In his program opening speech, Tbilisi Yunus Emre Institute Coordinator Can Güray stated that they organized the concert organized by Tbilisi YEI on the occasion of March 8 International Women's Day and stated that all women celebrated Women's Day.

Samida music group artists who performed at the concert expressed their gratitude to Yunus Emre Institute for hosting them in Tbilisi and to the music lovers who attended the concert.

They Interpret the Music of People Living in Different Geographies in an Original Way

Samida, which was founded in order to keep alive the polyphonic singing style that traditionally exists in Georgian music and to produce new productions, was founded in 2016 by sisters Yudum Şahin, Damla Şahin and Tamara Şahin and started its musical journey.

In 2017, it transformed into a music community with the participation of performers from different musical disciplines and added a new dimension to its productions. The group performs the musical productions of people living in different geographies with their own understanding of interpretation and arrangement.

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