Tambur Tunes in Vienna


Murat Aydemir, the tambur player from the State Classical Turkish Music Choir of the Presidency of the Turkish Republic, has given a recital in Vienna.

Ahead of the recital which garnered much interest by art lovers, Aydemir delivered a speech, noting that music paves the way for mutual sharing of emotions and pointing out that tambur is the first instrument that comes to mind when Turkish music is in question.

Aydemir also gave information on the famous master tambur players and Tamburi Cemil Bey was the pinnacle of this art. Stressing that he was a virtuoso of five instruments and, as such, unequaled around the world, Aydemir indicated that Cemil Bey had a special place in Turkish music. 

During the recital, Aydemir played composition by Tanburi Cemil Bey as well as other composers including Kadı Fuat Bey, Lambos Petraki, Mesut Cemil, and Neyzen Osman Dede, and he was accompanied by German musician Saam Schlamminger, who played bendir, another instrument frequently used in classical Turkish music and Mevlevis' Sufi music.

Aydemir also organized a tambur workshop for the participants from Austria and other parts of Europe showing active interest in tambur, and gave theoretical information on makam and usul and showed his tambur playing technique. Following the workshop, hosted by Yunus Emre Institute's Vienna Branch, tambur virtuoso Aydemir presented certificates to the participants.

The concert jointly organized by Yunus Emre Institute's Vienna Branch, İstanbur and Turkish Airlines (THY) was followed by the opening of the gilding (tezhip) exhibition entitled "Dönemeç" by - Prof. Dr. Yurdagül Mehmedoğlu. The exhibition featured different designs Mehmedoğlu developed based on classical gilding designs as a blend of classical and modern approaches.