Turkish Delicacies in Lebanese Cuisine


Famed chef Ömür Akkor has promoted Turkish cuisine in Lebanon after the promotional events he held in Montenegro, Hungary and Palestine.

Lebanon has been the fourth destination of the "Turkish Cuisine" event, undertaken by Yunus Emre Institute as part of the "2019 Year of Göbeklitepe" festivities with a view to promoting Turkish cuisine around the world and discuss the cultural and historical adventure of Turkish cuisine with culinary professionals.

The event, themed as "12,000-Year-Old Adventure of Wheat," was held first in Beirut between October 8 and 9, 2019 with the participation of Turkish cuisine history researcher and famous chef Ömür Akkor.

On the first day, chef Akkor entered the kitchen of a famous restaurant in Beirut along with the participants who were keen on Turkish cuisine, and shared tips and tricks with the participants as he cooked Turkish dishes.

Having met Lebanese culinary professionals, gastronomy students and Turkish cuisine fans at the Turkish Cuisine event, held in Beirut on October 9, the famous chef has now brought Turkish delicacies to the participants in Tripoli.

Referring to the events held first in Beirut and then, in Tripoli, Ömür Akkor said: "We have come from Turkey to exchange sincerity and I also think about how to merge Lebanese recipes into our cuisine. As a matter of fact, we have been here to engage in all sorts of cultural exchange." Akkor also touched on the richness of the Lebanese culinary culture. "The cuisine is such a crown that you continue to wear it as a king even if you no longer rule on any land. The reason for such an analogy is to assert that the cuisine is such a royal crown is that if you wear it, everyone will talk about your cuisine even if you don't have any lands. Lebanese is a such a place," he said.

The participants closely observed the dishes being cooked and took down notes. After the dishes were cooked, they were placed on the table so that everyone could taste it.

Raniya Bakkar, one of the participants, said: "Chef Ömer is very knowledgeable and skillful. He explained the history and recipe of the dishes, giving very special information. All dishes are delicious. Our recipes are already very delicious and famous, but these new recipes are both nice and delicious," she said.

Another participant Rami Abdu noted that he had come from Akkar-Aydamun, located to the north of Lebanon, in order to attend the event. "It is awesome to have such an experience; our chef is very successful; I congratulate him. The dishes he prepared have been very delicious. I follow him on the social media as well. We hope more events like this will be held in the future. We always look for more frequent cultural exchanges between Turkey and Lebanon. We would like to thank Yunus Emre Institute very much for giving us this opportunity to learn more about Turkish culinary culture," he said.

Chef Ömür Akkor's "Turkish Cuisine" event's next destination will be London on October 21.